I’m okay, really … Go Phillies

I’d be in the fetal position this morning were it not for the fact that the Red Sox have two World Series under their belts. I’m not happy they lost, but it’s not causing me total angst and anxiety today. I’m just depressed that summer is now truly over and I have six months of no-baseball to endure. This was a season of much Red Sox goodness in my life and being a sports retard, I can’t transfer my allegiances to another sport.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. David, I’m very sorry for your loss but, I am happy for all the “Nation’s” success this year. As a dyed-in-the-wool NL & Phillies Phan it means a lot to us knowing that you’ll be pulling for the Phills.

  2. David – I held my head up this morning as I walked into my office: into the lion’s den of Yankee and Met fans here in NJ.

    For some reason, I’m not as distraught as I would have expected. The Sox went into this series beat up and depleated. They fought well against a very good (and younger) team. They have no reason to hang their heads.

    I hope the Rays finish the deal as I think it would be good for baseball. That being said I acknowledge that Philadelphia natives are deserving of a championship given their years of suffering through heartbreaking Eagles, 76ers’, Flyers, and Phillies campaigns.

    Oh well, back to reading more books and getting to sleep earlier.

  3. Dave theres a place where we understand your pain. But it pales in comparison to the pain of a good old WOD. I just opened CrossFit Cape Cod Oct. 1. We are getting linked to the main site any day now as an official affiliate. If you are in town I hope you can make it over for a workout. We have an awesome group of people from all walks of life-all new to crossfit and drinking the kool-aid faster than you can say “GO PHILLIES!”
    Look forward to it!

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