Red eye man

I hate San Francisco to Boston Red-Eyes yet I am compelled to endure them due to some stupid masochism at the time of booking which always converts into fliers remorse an hour before boarding. I Just cashed in some frequent fliers for a first class upgrade, going to knock myself out with a sleeping pill, do the Roger Daltry-Pinball Wizard thing and wake up at Logan all crunchy and nasty feeling.

Mission unaccomplished on West Coast. Oh well. Partnerships are never easy and one never gets what one wants the first few times around. Worth the trip, but I depart unsatisfied.

Random thoughts:

1. Falling down the stairs of Cousin Pete’s back deck a couple weekends ago after the Sox went down 8-9 t the Rays did my knees no favors. I ran down the shore of SF Bay this morning in the pink dawn but it was definitely an arthritic looking peg leg thing.

2. Buddy Toph has gone paleo and is eating like a caveman. Crossfit has come to Mashpee where a gym just opened. This is good and I can work on those two pullups Fester is taunting me with.

3. Working for a tech company and doing deals in the Valley is a gazillion times cooler than being a tech reporter and writing about deals in the Valley. I wish I worked in the Valley. Today was sort of weird making the rounds and doing the real estate archaelogy thing as I drove from one appointment to the next (“That’s where Ungermann-Bass used to be ….”)

4. The Hong Kong Flower Lounge — home of the infamously disgusting Mayonaisse Prawns with Walnuts — has gone way downhill since I last abused myself there. Why I didn’t forge up to the city to Brandy Ho’s ….

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Northbeach Pizza in San Mateo is worth checking out. the pie is as good as anything on your coast, although they don’t use coal-fired ovens.
    Redeyes any direction suck dead bunnies through a straw. the Paleo realestate thing in Silly Con Valley is a scream. The home of Kentucky Fried Computers is now some sort of food import business, and three os Apple’s buildings are merely generic tilt-ups. Oh to remember the day.
    Welcome home to the land of cold.

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