This is my favorite font

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I want this font. It is in nearly every airport I’ve been in, and seemingly nowhere else.

If I were to pick my default web font, it would be this.

I first saw it in Frankfurt, LaGuardia has it, and this pic is from BWI.

I challenged a design team at Rare Medium to use it for in 1999, but alas, no one could find it.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. It’s very similar to the font my wife chose for a magazine she worked on 6 years ago: Myriad. The only discernable difference is the “6”

    Sometimes signage is also customized for the client.

  2. I am tired of airports, indeed am sitting in one now (Providence) having just been stripped search for reasons unknown. Airworld is purgatory on earth. Southwest Airlines is Greyhound with wings.