Vote set on filling beach breach – Vote set on filling beach breach
Chatham morons waterfront property owners want to spend $2 million of taxpayer cash to plug the breach in the barrier beach. Good luck.

“The selectmen called a July 30 special town meeting that will ask voters whether they want to spend about $2 million to dredge sand back into the inlet, which broke through the barrier beach during April’s northeaster. The breach has opened much of the opposite mainland shore to more intense Atlantic surf and threatens the town’s harbor with extensive shoaling.”

Author: David Churbuck

Cape Codder with an itch to write

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  1. Why oh why oh why do beachfront property owners all over this country insist on using taxpayer $$ to rescue their poorly-thought-out investments? Nature can only be put in abeyance, and it’s stupid to thing our taxpayer dollars can keep back the sea. My Irish grandmother had a term for this lot … “buck eejits”.

  2. I can’t argue that tax money should be spent on that.

    However, if absurdly rich people want to fund it, it seems like the perfect perpetual construction project.

    Kinda like paving around here. Repaving sections of highway 55 that aren’t even 3 months old yet. Quality problems or poor planning? – MY tax money going to waste.

    DOT contracts…

  3. They can save their money and just wait for the next big storm to move the sand for them. This cycle has been going on for generations.

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