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I installed the K2 theme and love it — except my sidebar is now displaying below my posts and my CSS knowledge is too retarded to fix the issue. Something to do with the div tags I guess. Apologies for the break in usability. At least I got to clean up things and have a WC3 verified page.

I need to essentially figure out where the sidebar.php is called into the index because the sidebar is happy in the archives.

Author: David Churbuck

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  1. I was just reading through features on the K2 site … so my question is this : now that you have been through the pain of a wordpress 2.0 upgrade and have K2 almost behaving the way you want it to, was it worth the effort? Is your blogging life better? I’m not a power-blogger like yourself, so the thought of migration is daunting to say the least.

  2. FYI … I submitted my last comment, and after the comment had been posted and the page refreshed, the following error message appeared below the comments input box:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ob_get_clean() in /public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/k2/comments-ajax.php on line 76

  3. No, it was not worth it. But I am obsessive and a sucker to the latest and greatest.
    Turns out I am not forearmed to do this kind of stuff. First Bill Rapp at has to unscrew me on the WP 2.0 upgrade, and as I speak Mark Cahill is in there mucking with the .CSS to sort out the menu.

    I feel old and stupid.

  4. Mark got the sidebar high and to the right, but the fints are all wrong. He says he’ll punt it to Bill Hall on Tuesday. But it works

  5. Old and stupid has nothing to do with it … In my day, I’ve done far worse and on a far greater scale … screwing up whole servers trying to upgrade to something new … And then, of course, obsessing … even thinking in my sleep … about how to make it all better …

    Nice job Mark, you do great work … and I really do like the new look …

  6. Mark is the man. Did a mysterious workaround. There’s still some weirdness. The text is too small and the topic headers shrank. After it stabilizes I’ll back it up and start rebuilding the sidebar with the widgets I like — tags. blog roll, recent comments.

    And then leave it alone for a long time …..

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