0 thoughts on “My new title: Global NMDB”

  1. Wow.

    That’s you. It’s so perfect. For me, oh so close, BUT…

    I don’t twitter, twaddle, twink, or tweet. I will not write them; Lame I am.

    skype or d’lisch or doppler neither

    I leave to the douches to tweeter

    facebook, my space, and all the rest

    web 2.0 is one big mess

    I blog a bit from time to time but all the rest

    the new media douche bags do it best

  2. New media pros are the reality TV show stars of yore. Instant fame and no real talent. Ride the lightning while it lasts cowboys. (Alas, I couldn’t turn that into a rhyme like Unde Fester.)

  3. Does this mean you can move to Monaco and get a nice satle with a view of the Med?

    Say the wowrd bud and I’ll Jet Blue east and lend my back to the move. i always wanted to see what the tuna fishing was like off Sardinia.
    Oh I”m one small yellowfin into the 2008 thunnoid season.


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